Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Multiview lenticular technology - or 3D TV to you and me

I stood in front of a normal-looking plasma screen yesterday, and the image jumped out of the screen.

It looked 3D. But I didn’t have cardboard red/green glasses on.

How come? Too many cups of tea?

Turns out that it was a Philips 3D display ... using WoWvx and multiview lenticular technology! I kid you not.

A photograph doesn’t really do it justice. It was pretty subtle. Not as in your face as the films that are shown in the IMAX, but it gave a depth to the vision.

Doubt I’ll see it in people’s living rooms for at least another five years.


John Self said...

So is that some variation on those little pictures you used to get free in cereal packets, that were printed with a clear ribbed coating that made the picture change as you tilted it? (Because there were actually two images under there, and the ribbed coating determined which one you saw as you moved it.) They were known as 'lenticular images' as I recall.

Or perhaps it's a little more technologically advanced than that...

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

It's pretty similar. There's a lens/filter layer on top of the plasma screen that directs the light in two directions - to two eyes. The trick seems to be that the lenses are matched exactly over the display, and there's a DSP chip to approximate depth in 2D images to pseudo-3Dise them.

But basically a glorified cereal packet with a source image that changes dynamically.

Bank Of Doge said...

good show old boy. about time too. been waiting my whole darn life for 3d tv to finally arrive.