Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Trust, Channel 4 and Swizz Call

There’s been a lot about trust in the news recently. Can voters trust the politicians they elect? Can the intelligence that led “the West” into Iraq be trusted. And can the results of TV and radio phone-ins be trusted?

Like most other channels, Channel 4 (Richard and Judy) have been muddied by the revelations about voting inaccuracies and pre-recorded shows encouraging the public to phone in to influence the content that have been the talk of the industry over the last couple of weeks.

Interestingly, Channel 4 have now commissioned a show called Swizz Call as part of their late night Comedy Lab strand Media Guardian report that it’s

“... a satirical comedy based at a spoof quiz TV channel ... Swizz Call - a play on the name of Quiz Call, the TV station Channel 4 owned before it was offloaded to iTouch in November, and which is not involved in the current phone scandal.”

Channel 4 add that

“four up and coming comedians play host to a spoof quiz channel in a sketch show that offers the chance to contestants to win bizarre prizes if they can answer their ridiculous questions.”

Maybe with a touch of irony they’ll run a premium rate phone-in during the show to influence which ending will be broadcast!!!

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