Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BA map showing Stansted in the wrong place ... and the photo from November

I posted back in November about a glitch I noticed on the flight back from San Francisco. Stansted airport seemed to have moved rather far south.

Anonymous commented on the original post on Monday, and last night’s Evening Standard explained further ...

“BA has been using maps apparently placing Stansted—Britain’s third busiest airport—40 miles out of position in a tiny village with the same name. The error affects passenger in-flight skymaps, which appear to show Stansted on the opposite side of the Thames in the rural parish of Stansted, Kent. The problem has not been repeated on pilot’s navigation systems.”

A spokesman for British Airways said:

“Our inflight map - used only by passengers as part of the inflight entertainment system - does show the location of a place called Stansted in Kent. While the map does not refer to this place as the location of Stansted Airport specifically, we accept the suppliers of the system likely meant to portray this as the location of Stansted Airport in Essex.”

None of the media outlets seem to have a picture of the incorrect map. Pity they hadn’t done a quick blogsearch!

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Jett Loe said...

For me nothing can beat how the River Lagan is pronounced on Continental's landing at Belfast International Orientation tape...