Monday, April 02, 2007

John Smith: Doctor Who?

(c) BBC 2007

Doctor Who returned on Saturday night. A great opening episode. How is it that Russell

Davies can write a script that within the first five minutes has rain falling upwards, a hospital is mysteriously plucked from London and plunked down onto the moon. What other show wouldn’t be ridiculed for such a plot point?

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman’s) makes her debut as the new assistant. A medical student in the hospital, she quickly becomes the Doctor’s flunky as he runs around the hospital trying to suss out the Judoon. Like all good assistants, when abandoned by an ailing Doctor, she instinctively (accidentally?) does the right thing and all’s well that ends well.

Never did find out why the Doctor was a patient in the hospital. But he’s got himself a feisty and capable new companion and another twelve episodes to enjoy.

Glad that the sci-fi fix can be properly indulged during the Spring. (And with over 8.2 million viewers, not a bad audience.)

I just managed to finish off the last of the recorded Primeval episodes on Friday night. It was probably the best of the series. A bit more human interest. Tick. A creature from the future instead of the past. No tick. Clever, but did nothing to increase its viewability.

And the final few Seven Days episode that went out on BBC2 earlier this year have been polished off. That was the end of series one. Another 45 to go if BBC2 can manage to show them.

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