Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nigel Worthington ... the new NI football manager

So the back story is that Northern Ireland had a football team who had a manager called Lawrie Sanchez, who was offered a part time job at the end of the season, did well, decided he preferred the new job, gave up the old one, and left the NI team without a leader.

And the news is that, tomorrow, the Irish Football Association will announce that Nigel Worthington will be the new NI manager.

How do I know? Well he was on the bmi flight home tonight from Heathrow along with IFA president Jim Boyce, and there was a mini-media scrum waiting to capture his picture as soon as he picked up his bags from the carousel. CORRECTION: With typical blogger-accuracy, turns out that although Jim Boyce was indeed on the bmi flight, Nigel Worthington came in separately via Belfast International!

The IFA website says that the announcement will be made in the Dublin Suite of the Europa Hotel at 12.30pm. Or you can read it here on Alan in Belfast.


If only I’d known who Nigel was I could have got a comment from him while we were on the flight. But being a football ignoramus, I was quite pleased that I’d managed to recognise Jim Boyce! And in hindsight, he wasn't there to recognise!

(A good night for the Belfast Telegraph website to be offline!)

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