Saturday, May 05, 2007

When the hole in the wall doesn’t want to know you any more

Been a bit lax posting this week. Basic reason, way too busy to catch up on email, never mind update the blog. As usually, after a lull when I managed to be in Belfast for nearly a whole week, it was back to London, Sussex, Sheffield, London, Gloucester, Belfast, London, Belfast over the last two weeks.

The main lesson of the last week is that anything that looks like an envelope from the bank needs to be opened. With only a pocketful of change and no notes, I tried to get money out of the airport cash machine on Wednesday morning. The machine spat out my card, saying

Temporarily unavailable to withdraw funds

I looked at the card.

Expiry: 04/07

Today’s date: 2nd May. Oops.

That anonymous slightly-too-thick white envelope was from the bank after all. New cash card inside. When there's no time between trips to get through the stack of post, some things get missed. Had to borrow some cash from a colleague on the flight to tide me over. You can get by with plastic in London if you plan carefully: but lunch is the tricky meal of the day. Not everywhere wants to swipe and PIN.

Now, off to Dublin. Tally ho.

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