Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doctor Who and a Tardis or two

The third season of Doctor Who has continued the tradition of great episodes and very strong storylines.

Despite the Whovian twitchers—who filter the press and internet for snippets of news and try to second guess the plot lines—there have been plenty of surprises.

Plenty of good reasons to tune in next Saturday to see the last episode which needs to resolve the current conflict between the Doctor and the Master. (It’s unlikely they’d hold the tension over until the Christmas special).

Blue Tardis collection

Question: Where in Northern Ireland can you find a whole collection of Tardis?

Hint: The same place you’ll find a hemisphere full of green Kermit the Frogs and another one with yellow rubber ducks.

Green Kermit the Frog collectionYellow Runner Ducks

Send your answers on a postcard comment below!


John Self said...

Hmm... they look a bit like the old toilet doors in the Northern Whig, which had glass portholes filled with Barbies (for the Ladies) and Action Men (for the Gents).

But I'll say... W5?

Alan in Belfast said...

And you win the prize ... except your bookshelves are too bulging to be able to display it!