Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Guardian - 50,000 editions old today

Happy Birthday Guardian - 50,000 editions old today.

Still wish they’d sort out the colour printing of the Northern Ireland edition so we wouldn’t pay the same price as the rest of the UK for a substandard version that’s even missing come content.

John Self summed it up nicely in a comment back in March:

“...we don't get the same paper in NI that the rest of the UK does. We're still mostly in monochrome, so a lot of the tables and graphics are meaningless when they appear to us to be using similar shades of grey to differentiate between features; and the central double photo spread is never interesting because the lack of colour robs it of impact.

More annoyingly though is that G2 appears to have four fewer pages for us. We don't get radio listings or Last Night's TV - which when the reviewer is Nancy Banks-Smith, means the loss of the best thing in the newspaper.

All this is because the Guardian in NI is printed in Portadown on old-fashioned presses, unlike the state of the art MAN Roland presses which they use for the rest of the UK (in Manchester and London).”

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