Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Night time roller skating – Wed 6 June, central London

Wednesday night. Busy day. No lunch. And it was now quarter to nine. Walking down from the hotel in Bloomsbury, desperate to find somewhere decent to eat.

Half way across a road, and suddenly the traffic on one side of the road heading up towards Euston station thinned out.

Roller skaters in London, late evening, Wed 6 June 2007

Only to be replaced by mad whistling. And for a full minute, hundreds of people on roller skates zoomed past. No idea who they were. Or what they were doing. But they were well-marshalled, and enjoyed a police motorbike escort!

Roller skaters in London, late evening, Wed 6 June 2007

Seeking enlightenment, I quickly checked flickr – but no (similarly blurry!) photos turned up with appropriate dates and tags. So if you’re reading AiB and you have any ideas what was going on, drop me a comment.

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Brabazon said...

I saw something like this one night in Paris a few years ago. Sitting in the Big Wheel in the Tuileries gardens watching hundreds of skaters whistling and whooping their way along the Rue de Rivoli far below. There's some explanation here... http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=953&fr=