Monday, June 18, 2007

No Mean City - 52 photos in Belfast City Hall

No Mean City photo exhibition, Belfast City Hall

After months of not quite getting around to it, I popped into Belfast City Hall at lunchtime last Monday to check out the No Mean City photo exhibition. An homage to the number 52 ... and to sons and daughters of Belfast too!

52 photos taken over 52 days by Michael Donald. Tucked away on the ground floor West Corridor.

The exhibition consist of two wall boards, pictured below, with the photos printed quite small. And it’s open to the public until the doors of Belfast City Hall close for refurbishment in the Autumn.

No Mean City photo exhibition in Belfast City HallNo Mean City photo exhibition in Belfast City Hall

Given the quality of the photos, it’s a shame that they’ve been printed up so small. They’re also mounted on inch-thick blocks that stand out from the display board obscuring the legends that have been printed very tight underneath the photos ... making it impossible to read some of the text below the lower photos unless you bend down and squint at the white text on the pale blue background.

Close-up showing legend text obscured by mounted photographs - No Mean City, Belfast City Hall

You've probably read this blog post in 52 seconds!


Miffy said...

I've grown used to these photos after several visits to the Marriages department to leave in various forms re. my nuptials which took place recently. I didn't even notice that the photos had names for a while - thought it was just a guessing game!

Alan in Belfast said...

At the bottom right hand corner of the second there's a question mark, asking for suggestions for the picture to put here.

If it was the 1st of April, it would be very tempting to blutac an unexpected picture in this corner.

But what would it be?

The guy from the Translink ticket kiosk around the corner? A photo of a goth from the front of the City Hall?

Dr. A. said...

... who's the fat ugly bloke up the top? (c: