Monday, June 25, 2007

That goal ... twenty five years on

It’s one of those where were you moments.

Northern Ireland had made it through the qualifying round and into the 1982 World Cup competition. I remember that just before the world cup started, someone had come in to the classroom given everyone in our primary school class a big rolled-up poster of the Northern Ireland team. It had been sponsored by a local firm like Dale Farm.

And twenty five years ago tonight, Gerry Anderson (not that one) scored the winning (and only) goal in the World Cup match between Northern Ireland and Spain.

When that goal was scored, I had popped out to the garage to feed a friend’s rabbit that we were keeping while they were on holidays. Of all the moments to pick to nip out, that was the one. So I missed the goal. (And not being a great football fan, I think I’ve missed all of Northern Ireland’s goals since.)

There’s an informative where are they now run down over at BBC News.

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