Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chapter 2 - The joy of travel

Part of the fun of travelling backwards and forwards on the bus from Belfast to Heathrow is meeting interesting people.

Tonight’s eccentric in the seat beside me was Mike. Having flown into Heathrow from Amman, he settling down on the short bmi flight to study his big white A4 folder. Stuck to the front was a sheet titled “Mike &Chuck’s Ireland Trip” - an itinerary taking them past 7 golf courses over the next 9 days.

The file was packed with directions from the RAC website to take from the airport to the B&B and then on to the golf course and to the next B&B ... all planned out in meticulous detail for the next week.

Having paid the 60p for his can of lemonade when the stewardess declined to take his 1 dollar bill, I got talking to Mike.

Turns out that his goal is to play the top 100 golf courses in the world - and collect a golf glove from each club. Mike’s currently sitting at 38, so this week’s effort will take him closer to the half way mark. (Only problem is that the Top 100 is revised every two years - he’s already played 9 courses that have now dropped out of the list.)

A mad mission ... but harmless (if you discount the carbon footprint created by criss-crossing the globe).

Vive les eccentrics! They (we) add colour to the world. And 60p well spent!

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Anonymous said...

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