Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Home from the world tour ... Harry Potter and the Doorstep Delivery

Back home from a journey that took us from Portstewart (Northern Ireland) to Valence (France) and onto Lavigny (Switzerland). We had a great time. I'm now in the process of processing two 1 GB memory sticks full of photos. Expect some to appear on the blog and Flickr before too long.

But in the meantime, a (news?) story caught my eye.

“[Royal Mail] said they will deliver one copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for every 43 homes across Northern Ireland.”

My postie will hopefully thank me for not lengthening his arms by ordering a copy for delivery on Saturday. And with that number of copies being ordered for postal delivery, never mind the number of books that will be bought in bookshops and supermarkets over the weekend, someone I know should have a copy to borrow in a week or two!

“A total of 11,500 copies will be winging their way to Northern Ireland [from Amazon] … As the book is too big to fit through most letter boxes, Royal Mail has warned fans to make sure they are in when the post-owl calls.”

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Anonymous said...

Called into Waterstone's on afternoon of publication day, and surprised to see they were actually - well, not short of copies exactly, but not laden down with shelves upon shelves of them as they had been with previous HP releases. Didn't buy it as I haven't read the others, but did help swell their coffers with a couple of ancillary purchases (well, it seemed only polite...)