Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Things I didn't know this time yesterday ...

* If a car battery even loses only a few volts - say 9V instead of its normal 12V - it can be unable to start the car's engine.

* Leaving an interior light on - perhaps a door not properly closed - is enough to run down a car battery in a day or so. So much for energy management!

* You can recharge a car battery by running the car in neutral, or driving it along, for 15-20 minutes, though you need to turn off as many lights, radios and fans etc to maximise the charging process.

Hillside Recovery in Coleraine arrived shortly after an hour, and dealt with the problem in a very friendly and helpful manner - even though they must be sick and bored of flat batteries!

* Zio Portrush is no more and has changed hands.

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