Thursday, August 02, 2007

James Nesbitt as a Norn Iron Doctor Who?

James Nesbitt - source unknown

Since its revival, Doctor Who has had an increasing Celtic influence with its production base in Cardiff and David Tennant taking over as the Scottish Doctor.

But this morning’s quality press - The Sun - suggests that James Nesbitt is in the running to take on the role at the end of the next (fourth) series.

The other rumour is that Steven Moffat will take on the series lead (show runner) role from Russell T Davies who wants to step back from the huge commitment of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Moffat and Nesbitt have recently worked together on Jekyll.

Maybe it could lead to a few episodes being filmed across the shuck in Northern Ireland? Aliens on the Giant’s Causeway? A rift in the peace wall continuum? The Doctor telling the Master “Wind yer neck in”?

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Anonymous said...

Unaccustomed as I am to using webspeak... LOL @ "A rift in the peace wall continuum."