Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yung’s is back open!

Following “a bit of an accident in the kitchen”, the lights have been out in Mr Yung’s since the beginning of February this year. But like a phoenix from the ashes, my favourite Chinese restaurant in London’s Chinatown is back open.

Sign for Yung's, Wardour Street

By habit, when I’ve been in and around Leicester Square, I’ve walked across to the Trocadero and turned up into Wardour Street every now and again to see if there was any life in the place. For months it lay dark and dormant. Then last month, there seemed to be some building work going on inside.

Yungs, Wardour Street

And by chance tonight when I dandered past, the lights were on and the door was open. First night back open after just over seven months.

To be honest, it’s not the best Chinese restaurant in London's Chinatown. But it’s my favourite and I’m sticking to it! The staff are friendly, the prices aren’t extravagant, the lemon chicken is tasty, and best of all, they offer mixed hors d’œuvre for one and don’t require a minimum of two people before doling out the sesame toast, seaweed, spring rolls and ribs.

How to find Yung's in London's Chinatown at W1D 6PW (c) Collins Bartholomew Ltd 2007

If you’ve ever in the area and feeling peckish, then head across to Yungs at 23 Wardour Street, W1D 6PW. You can tell them that Alan in Belfast recommended them, but they’ll not have a clue who I am!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alan,

Duly noted...always good to get a personal rec for somewhere decent to eat in the big city.

have a good weekend,

Belmont Elvis

olli said...

Have you ever tried Belgo in Covent Garden? Good steaks, great mussels, excellent chips and a four page menu of the finest beers Belgium has to offer.