Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cape Wrath goes under, in the proud tradition of The Ghost Squad and Making Waves

Disappointing news that Channel 4 won’t be commissioning a second series of Cape Wrath. Produced by Ecosse Films, it was also broadcast across the Atlantic by the US Showtime network under the name Meadowlands.

Publicity shot of the Brogans from Cape Wrath, (c) Channel 4

I’ve mentioned the drama before on AiB. But I was obviously in the minority, as Channel 4 have confirmed that due to disappointing ratings, the Brogan family and their twisted safe haven won’t be coming back for a second series. While 1.6m people watched the opening episode (10.4% share of the total audience that night), only 845,000 (4.9% share) tuned in to watch on the fourth week.

A C4 spokesman said ...

“Cape Wrath was a high concept, experimental drama which attracted a fantastic cast. The storylines worked as a one off series and Channel 4 has several new series in development with our commitment to drama series remaining as strong as ever.”

It’s a recurring disappointment. One of last year’s Channel 4 dramas also bombed when The Ghost Squad wasn’t recommissioned. (Though at least they completed the series, unlike ITV that dropped Making Waves mid series, never transmitting the second half of the series, though I’ve just noticed that it was released on DVD.)

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Anonymous said...

I was very interested in Cape Wrath based on the trailers (which at first I confused with those new Raybans ads), but the TV preview guides when it started mostly seemed to suggest it was trying a bit too hard to be a Twin Peaks/Lost/Prisoner-style drama-full-of-mystery-for-its-own-sake, so I gave it a miss. Looks like I wasn't alone. David Morrissey is always worth watching though.