Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Doctor Who - now a Christmas institution

Blue Tardis collection at Belfast's W5

The Doctor Who Christmas Special - part pantomime, part Poseidon Adventure remake.

I loved the lesson in Earthonomics:

“I shall be taking you to old London town in the country of UK, ruled over by Good king Wenceslas. Now human beings worshipped the great god Santa: a creature with fearsome claws and his wife Mary. And every Christmas Eve people of UK went to war with the country of turkey. They then eat the turkey people for Christmas dinner ... like savages.”

I wondered why there wasn’t a episode commentary sitting waiting on iTunes? Turns out that the BBC’s podcast rules and regulations were written a bit too restrictively. So they don’t allow for this kind of long episode audio show if it’s not related to a radio programme. So presumably until they negotiate something with the BBC Trust – who approve the services that the BBC write-up – the commentary to accompany Voyage of the Damned is only available via streaming. Boo hoo.

But good to see the trailer for Torchwood which will pop up on BBC Two mid-January.

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