Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Whatever happened to Rogue Spooks?

The sixth season of Spooks is motoring along nicely, with bugs becoming ever more miniaturised and difficult to detect, while Malcolm’s ability to access CCTV feeds is ever improving! I’m still a fan, and glad that this year’s episodes are following a larger story arc and not disconnected.

In a posting earlier this year, I mentioned Rogue Spooks which was due to be transmitted in late 2007.

It will follow MI5 recruits who “follow a different rule book”

Looks like the series has been renamed and rescheduled, now known as Spooks: Liberty and due for broadcast sometime in 2008 on BBC Three.

Alan Turnbull who runs the (perhaps slightly paranoid?) Secret Bases website helped the production find suitable filming locations and comments:

‘During 2007, Kudos set up a special production base in the disused 1970’s West Yorkshire Police Headquarters in The Tyrls, Bradford. The old police buildings ... will also be used to represent a new regional HQ for an expanding MI5.

The new Spooks: Liberty series is set in the “near future” and covers a “catastrophic event” affecting the whole of London. A group of new young MI5 recruits who “don't play by the usual rules” have to orchestrate the recovery operation from various remote locations somewhere outside the capital.’

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Howard said...

I'm a big fan of Spooks so cant wait for the spin off on BBC 3