Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gourmet Burger Bank – still good for lunch – anyone want the foie gras?

Exterior shot of Belmont Road's Gourmet Burger Bank

Back to Gourmet Burger Bank for lunch today.

Given the holiday season, it wasn’t too busy at 1pm.

Great, fast service. Scrummy Blue Cheese burger and fries.

(Wipes out that poor first impression!)

They’ve expanded the menu since I was last there ... adding chicken and fish dishes rather than just burgers.

The GBB menu now includes a lot more than just burgers

One menu item that caught my eye was the Fillet Burger Rossini ... Foie gras on the Belmont Road? Umm. Not so sure about that?

foie gras on the Gourmet Burger Bank menu

Though I just love the cow that stares from the wall at all the customers eating beef burgers!

GBB artwork on the wall - a large cow surveying the beef-eating customers


ruthEbabes said...

The "Taste & Sea" fish and chip shop on Lisburn Road haas a picture of a cow on the wall... makes me feel awkward buying burgers.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Thanks for that udder example. You wouldn't know where or what t'eat!

Anonymous said...

Theres a nice GBB on Malone too if you're ever in the area!

Anonymous said...

Ages since I've been to GBB: must visit soon.
About time they had a website!