Sunday, February 24, 2008

C4 round-up

Shameless - Frank Gallagher

C4’s Tuesday offering of Shameless continues to produce more and more surreal episodes as the Gallagher family and their neighbours create mayhem in Chatsworth Estate. The violence and gang culture is largely gone, replaced with ludicrous yet fun storylines, each still told from one character’s perspective.

Kevin McCloud - presenter of Channel 4's Grand Designs

Sometimes I wonder whether the participants on Grand Designs have ever watched the show. Do they really believe that they’ll be able to successfully get past the foundations without being filmed pouring five pound notes into the yet-to-set concrete? Yet occasionally, someone pulls off the impossible, finishing nearly on time and only 10% over budget, creating a dwelling worthy of their time, money and attention. I only wish it was as entertaining to watch someone build a modest, low-cost house as it was watching people fritter away money they can’t always afford.

Having got fed up with Without A Trace a few series ago, not much else on Channel 4 catches my eye this season. Though Monday night’s Dispatches investigation by Andrew Gilligan looks interesting:

Dispatches - Andrew Gilligan

Checking-in To Airport Chaos

With ever-increasing numbers of passengers passing through their terminals, Britain's airports are raking in huge profits - which are only set to get bigger as they seek expansion through extra runways or terminals. But matching the increase in passenger numbers is the threat from terrorism and concerns about the environment.

The foiled terrorist attacks at London Heathrow and Glasgow airports have seen an unprecedented heightening of security at Britain's airports. But how effective are these new Government-imposed measures? Dispatches reveals how the current restrictions on fluid would not prevent terrorists detonating a liquid bomb and questions whether the focus on weapon-seeking technology and body-searches at security gates is the most effective way of preventing breaches.

Gilligan meets a security expert who criticises the way in which security processes have simply played catch-up with terrorist attempts over the years instead of proactively seeking new means of prevention.

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Miffy said...

I'm not sure if I like the new 'funny' shameless. I saw the one last week which was basically a mock of Brief Encounter - sort of funny but not very engaging. How many young people who watch Shameless have even seen Brief Encounter let alone get the 'you've been away a long time' line at the end?