Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tech news today ... AOL, Bebo, Yahoo, Semantic Web, iPlayer, Google offices

Aside from Channel 4's rearticulation of their purpose and public service ethos (and non-articulation of their real plans for digital radio), other media/tech news today included ...

  • AOL (part of Time Warner) are buying Bebo for $850m
  • Yahoo W3C Semantic Web logoTom Rafferty’s heads-up that Yahoo were due to make a big announcement at 3pm GMT. Something about the bid from Microsoft? Nope. Some more details about their development platform and supported microformat standards as part of their push to embrace the semantic web instead. (BTW: understanding what that all means will be like trying to knot fog.)
  • BBC 3 - Dawn Gets a Man - on an unsupported portable media player (Sumvision ICE 1000)The BBC tightened up the iPhone/iTouch iPlayer iBeta which was allowing people to download the unDRMed MP4 content and easily port it to other devices.

And finally …

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