Monday, March 24, 2008

W5 - Easter Monday - take one look at the queue and go home

The queue at 13:45 on Easter Monday 2008 to get into W5 at The Odyssey

Easter Monday, most people off work, what'll we do?

Why not head down to W5 at The Odyssey?

A great idea, validated by the hundreds of other people who had the same good idea ... and are in the massive queue snaking all the way through the Odyssey complex, past The Streat, and heading towards the front door!

In England, you'd get to queue on the motorway half way there. But with a smaller road network, NI offers an advanced solution. Actually drive all the way to your destination, incur parking fees (unless you park down Sydenham Road) and only then join the queue within sight of the door.

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Stephen Barnes said...

Well, at least you stayed away from the Zoo!