Monday, April 14, 2008

Doctor Who not downloading on iPlayer?

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Am I the only person who can't download Saturday night's episode of Doctor Who on iPlayer?

BBC Three's Doctor Who Confidential has been available for streaming and download since Saturday night, but the main episode is still only showing for streaming.

What's going on? Arghh.

Hopefully not a repeat of the woes of end-February and beginning of March when lots of programmes failed to appear for download for days (seemingly due to difficulties in the incoming transcoding path) and some already-downloaded shows were even deleted from PCs before they should have expired.

Update - Tuesday - Hurray! Three days late, The Fires of Pompeii is now downloadable from iPlayer.


Miffy said...

It was a truly excellent episode. I love Peter Capaldi in anything. Shed a tear in the end when the doctor/noah relented and let them into his 'ark'.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... I don't know ... I think this season has started off very weak indeed. Far too much mushiness, and all-in-all trying to be much too clever for its own good, IMHO :) I watched "fires" last night and was somewhat disappointed.

OTOH, it *does* mean that I'm much more likely to watch while ironing (not so much concentration needed :D)

Anonymous said...

i actully loved fires of pompeii it was better than every other episode on saturday i watched the doctor's daughter todays monday 12 may though i loved the part at the end and i think that Quintus is really hot (Francois) i think they did the best on this episode than any other

Anonymous said...
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Alan in Belfast said...

Anonymous link to slightly dodgy (pay?) download site removed.