Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weddings and a thank you to a gracious bmi

The hymn boards caught my eye as we sat down at the wedding this afternoon.

wedding photo - check out the hymn boards!

One side displayed 28 02 83 while the other said 07 07 77 - the couple's dates of birth!

Later on Elvis sang How Great Thou Art (DVD version) after the couple signed the register, as people hummed along.

A wonderfully relaxed wedding. A celebration of God uniting a young couple. A celebration of their creativity, their joy, their sense of humour.

Two o'clock weddings don't mix with half three flights to Heathrow. So the half five beckoned. Yet hope perked up when the people coming out of the terminal had bmi-tagged bags. Aha. Flight late arriving. I wonder ...

Quickly through security, and a run down to the bmi desk at the gate.

"No chance. Flight all closed."

Run back, up the stairs, along the corridor, into the bmi lounge, down towards the ramp. Different story.

"I'll check for you. Just wait in the lounge and I'll be up."

And after two minutes, I was ushered on board.

"Hope you don't mind the over wing exit row?"

"Not at all - delighted to be not waiting two hours in the lounge for the half five. Thank you so much."

So a shared Heathrow Express into London and a cab round to Marylebone. Arrived in time for dinner, as opposed to sometime after the starter!

Thank you Katrina and Stevie for sharing your big day. For sharing your hopes, your faith, your passion and your love. And thank you bmi lounge who can pull off miracles with grace and a smile.

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