Friday, May 02, 2008

It's a Marathon ... puffing around Belfast on Monday

If you get Monday off work, and you're not partaking in the Festival of Fools street theatre or the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, then spare a thought for the quite mad fit folk who will be pounding around the streets of greater Belfast. For Monday is the annual Belfast Marathon.

Belfat Marathon 2008 route

Same route as last year, but a bit dryer than last year’s dampness! The five day weather forecast for Belfast shows Monday as a bright sunny day sandwiched between a damper Sunday and Tuesday.

Not quite exciting enough to televise like London’s marathon, but the same length and the runners will be just as out of puff!

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Miffy said...

I miss the old route - for purely selfish reasons. It used to come right past our apartment on North Road and we would sit at the first floor window sipping naughty glasses of wine in the morning watching the folk run.