Friday, May 16, 2008

The key that was lost has been found.

Hurray! Someone found the lost key at the conference yesterday, and it was set on a desk in a locked room. So this morning's Dora the Explorer adventure was to retrieve the key from its lair, and recover the car from where it had been parked for the last 24 hours in the centre of Belfast.

Before that I went around to the Lindsay dealer to ask for the second key. There never was one. The ex-fleet car had come across from England with only one key. A pity that they hadn't thought to cut one during the two weeks they had the car on their forecourt, or during the couple of days before collection while they waited for the car tax to be sorted out.

Him: "But with the other key we can cut a new one."

Me: "Not if it was lost yesterday and the car has been parked in the centre of town all night with no way of getting it home."

The salesman's face dropped ...

Me: "But we think someone's found it."

So we recovered the key, drove the car back up to Lindsays and left it on their forecourt - with a promise that there would be two keys by the time we come back from England on Monday. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...


I think I need to go and have a lie down now

Timothy Belmont said...

All's well that ends well :-)


Anonymous said...

The tension was almost unbearable!
I'm glad there was a happy ending.