Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Peterson Toscano - The Re-education of George Bush: No President Left Behind! (via Ikon)

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Ikon seem pretty good at keeping to their vision as described above on their website.

In May, they’re sponsoring a performance of Peterson Toscano’s one-man comedy show The Re-education of George Bush: No President Left Behind!

Through a series of lively lessons, theatrical performance activist, Peterson Toscano, with his cast of outrageously funny and thoughtful characters, playfully instructs president Bush and his audience about: history, war, skin privilege, the environment, sexism, humanity and much more!

Bitingly funny and painfully insightful, Toscano takes no prisoners as he speaks to the George W. Bush lurking in each of us.

The Northern Ireland premiere will be in the Pavilion Bar (upstairs in the Middle Bar) at 296 Ormeau Road. Thursday 22 May. Doors open at 8pm. Admisison £8. (Or is it 9pm?)

Toscano is an American actor. His online biography explains that he

“often draws on poetry, the Bible and other texts as well as extensive interviews to inspire his theater work. Known for his flawless character transformations, Peterson literally changes the way his whole body and face appear on stage along with his voice and accent.”

Gay, but with experience of reparative therapy, counselling, ex-gay support groups and exorcisms, Toscano is an ex-gay survivor – something that colours his work.

Ikon have a reputation for provoking thought and challenge. Toscano’s take on George Bush could be worth listening to.

Ikon's May meet-up

PS: And Ikon regular monthly meet-up is this Sunday night in The Black Box.

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Doors open at 8pm, starting about half an hour later.

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