Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lego memories - and their vault of unopened boxes

For copyright reasons, Lego keep unopened boxes of nearly every Lego set ever produced in a vault at Lego HQ in Billund, Denmark.

Popular technology blog Gizmondo got to visit Lego recently, inspiring a whole series of interesting and nostalgic articles. But I'm guessing that Jesus Diaz must be roughly the same age as me, as he picked out a number of the sets I enjoyed building during my childhood while filming in their vault.
    Gizmondo photo
  • The yellow castle complete with knights and shields.
  • The Space Galaxy Explorer.
  • The TECHNIK two-seat car/buggy - that my Dad helped me build into a four speed gearbox complete with clutch.
  • An electric train that reminded me of my first one, that started quite a collection of rails and points.
Lots of memories. Seeing pictures of the Lyric theatre being knocked down brought back memories of building a Lego theatre - of which the main feature were the stage lights - I was fascinated by theatrical lights before I discovered sound and PA systems, and before pictures and video came along.

And then there was the Lego Master Builders Club with the square metal pin badges and colour magazine full of stories about enormous brick creations.

Well worth a flick through the series of articles if Lego was part of your growing up (or that of your children/nieces/nephews). The good news for Littl'un is that I still have my childhood Lego. The bad news for my Mum and Dad is that it's still at their house!

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Kate said...

Now I don't feel so bad, all my and my brother's Lego is still at our parents house too! A couple of years ago my mum was going to give it away and we created such a fuss, she gave up and left it in the garage. (I've since used in when working with young people, but it was more for me than them!)

The fact you have yours makes me feel less weird! Thanks for sharing