Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So hot it would melt your ice cream! Something’s cookin’ in Victoria Square.

Victoria Square’s glass pimple is a sun trap. And to cope with the couple of days a year when Belfast is blessed with good weather, the designers did incorporate windows that open when the temperature goes above 19 degrees, and a sun blind (“solar shade”) that moves around the dome, tracking the sun.

Viewing gallery set against the ceiling in Victoria Centre

Hugh Black, Victoria Square’s manager told the BBC:

“However, due to the higher than usual temperatures on Saturday, these were not enough to reduce the humidity in this particular area.”

The dome was closed to the public as temperatures soared to 30 degrees.

As a result, Victoria Square are now seeking other ways to keep the dome and the viewing gallery at more manageable temperatures.

Maybe NIE will sort them out with solar panels linked to giant air conditioning units!


ironbed said...

Victoria Square is a gem of a complex and I was impressed to read that they closed the centre when it became too hot inside. I was in it tonight and stopped off at Costa Coffe and ordered a black coffee and bluberry muffin: twice in five seconds I was asked "do you want milk with your coffee"? I mentally re-traced my steps and assured myself that I had not visited any pubs and assured myself that I wasn't tipsy and slurring my words.
After the tasty snack I asked where their toilet was, "we don't have one" came the reply, "there's one upstairs". As I didn't eat upstairs I felt that a trip up the escalator was an inconvenience. My suggestion was met with a blank stare. Giving up I went upstairs to the public toilets. That was closed. Then I sauntered downstairs to a similar facility. Same thing. Closed....the way barred by a red tape under which I limbo danced and used the first room that had a flushable bowl. Relieved I walked back out and under the tape again, expecting to tapped on the shoulder by a member of the toilet police.
Maybe I'm naive but are resturaunts and coffee shops not obliged by health and hygene laws to provide such facilities?

Anonymous said...

30 degrees isn't that hot really... when i read the story i expected it o say like 45 or 50...