Friday, July 11, 2008

Order restored to the cosmos - tea bag pricing restored to sensible prices

Don't worry - it's just a one-off reprieve for the tea bag thread.

Wandering around Secret Sainsburys the other afternoon with someone wanting to look for PG Tips tea bags, I noticed that they'd reduced the price of the large boxes of Teadirect tea.

Quick recap if you're new here :: Sainsburys (and Tescos) have been selling the 160 bag boxes of Teadirect at more than double the price of the smaller 80 bag boxes ... so it was costing around £1 more for a single box containing 160 bags than 2 boxes of 80.

Double the size, just under double the price ... tea bags priced sensibly at last

So along with the end of the Doctor Who series, order has been restored in the cosmos with a fair and equitable pricing policy. Hooray! Buying in bulk once again saves you money ... 5p at the moment.

Time for a nice cup of tea.

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Gary said...

I've just discovered this series of postings and it remarkably similar to a situation I found last weekend. I was in a shop in th' Airds purchasing something for my wife. The 'value' pack of two packets joined together was £2.39 or so; whereas the individual packet was 99p. So the unsuspecting shopper who thought they were getting a bargain would actually pay more for the same quantity. Amazing how they can work out prices...