Tuesday, July 01, 2008

TV update ...

The white ball - The Prisoner (original)

ITV have recaptured The Prisoner, and are planning six hour-long episodes for transmission in 2009. The cast will include James Caviezel (Number 6) and Sir Ian McKellen (Number 2 - fixed this time, not alternating). Mark Goodacre has some analysis and comment.

Having missed The Prisoner on TV first time around, I did read a few of the books in my early teens. While Portmerrion (Penrhyndeudraeth) is unlikely to feature in the filming of the new version, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with it.

During the last season of Torchwood, I speculated that it now had stronger storylines than the main Doctor Who show it was spun of from. But the last four or five Saturday evenings have proved that wrong. If anything, it’s moved on from being a 7pm Saturday night family entertainment show to serious (well, thrilling) drama. Quite dark and sinister. And will there actually be a regeneration or not? Will they drag it out over the next year? Or will Donna's death somehow cancel the regeneration that's started?

David Tennant and Georgia Moffett, The Doctor's Daughter, Doctor Who

Spooks: Code 9 is still filming. The shows fan blog had an intriguing post title a few weeks ago ...

Timelord dates cute Spook

... referring to the speculation that David Tennant is dating Georgia Moffett (who played his daughter in the recent The Doctor's Daughter episode, and is in fact the real life daughter of Peter Davidson who played the fifth Doctor - the one with the cricket outfit and red question marks on his collar).

Georgia’s also one of the edgy newly recruited spies in the Spooks spin-off looking at life in the UK as the power base shifts north when a nuclear bomb triggers the evacuation of London.

Here endeth the tabloid gossip ...

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