Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holywood Exchange – new stores soon

While B&Q and Secret Sainsburys have occupied their units at Holywood Exchange for many years now, the other side of the roundabout remained built but unoccupied. Then the Swedish chef furniture giant Ikea arrived last year.

Harvey Norman logo

Jim Rodgers confirmed before he left office as Lord Mayor that two firms were lined up to fill the unoccupied units. At the time he wouldn’t name them, but it looks pretty certain that it’s going to be a homeware-fest with Next (who have advertised vacancies) and Harvey Norman (an Australian electrical and home furnishings company). Thanks to Andrew for the tip-off.

Next logo

There was talk of Next coming to Holywood Exchange all the way back in 2004, with the Irish News reporting that the Belfast Chamber of Trade wanted to appeal the planning decision. But patience has been rewarded.


Stu said...

Interesting! I hadn't heard of Harvey Norman before but I'm sure he'll get a warm welcome - credit crunch or not.
Do you know what Tescos are up to at Knocknagoney??

Timothy Belmont said...

Tesco is extending the car-park; then extending the store, as if it weren't big enough :-)


Anonymous said...

Tesco are changing their store to a Tesco Extra, which has a much larger hardware range, including white goods. They had considered extending the store but that wasn't viable and are now demolishing and then rebuilding the store. It may be closed for up to six months.

Anonymous said...

I work in Tesco and I know for a fact that it'll not be closed for 6 months, neither will it be demolished. The Garage will be demolished and built elsewhere in the car park, which is being extended. There will be an onslip from the dual carriageway so drivers can get into the shop without clogging up the knocknagoney rd. Im not sure if they will be extending the store itself that much, as they will probably just build a small 2nd floor (like tesco belvoir). Even if it does temporarily close down it'll not be anything as long as 6 months, tesco couldnt afford to lose that much sales

Anonymous said...

I got a leaflet at the till in tesco a week or two ago, which stated nothing about them closing at all, just that they would be adding a second floor and expanding the car park and moving the garage as anon said, it also said they would be introducing a pharmacy and I think they were going to move the cafe upstairs!

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that planning permission has been granted, denied on appeal, granted, denied on appeal.
Whatever is happening, it's a shame that that huge store has been lying empty all those years.
I for one would love to see it up and running, and don't agree it would harm other retailers.
I think it would bring more people into the area, just like Ikea has done.
Bring it on.

East Belfast