Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CERN, LHC, Torchwood on Radio 4, and a topical (but ultimately poor) joke

While I mentioned it back in March, the traditional media and the blogosphere have probably made quite enough comments on Wednesday’s forthcoming events at CERN.

There has been a definite outbreak of science in the airwaves, with BBC Four showing programmes trailing the grand switch on of the Large Hadron Collider and half of Radio 4’s schedule coming from a bunker near Geneva tomorrow.

(c) CERN - LHC accelerator

One highlight for the science-fiction fans (folk who imagine about science but mostly don’t actually do experiments) is Radio 4’s Afternoon Play is a Torchwood special, with a familiar cast, music by Murray Gold, and even takes place outside Cardiff!

Afternoon Play
Big Bang Day: Torchwood - Lost Souls
By Joseph Lidster.

The Torchwood team go to Geneva, where former time-traveller Martha Jones is now working as a doctor at the world's biggest physics laboratory, CERN. Deep in an underground tunnel, a giant particle accelerator is about to be activated for the first time. But something strange is happening. Scientists are hearing voices and collapsing with a strange illness. Is something lurking in the tunnel?

I’ll leave you with a joke.

Little girl: Daddy. What’s a physicist?

Daddy: Oh, that's the man who uses a straw to put the bubbles into the lemonade bottles.

Thank you. You’ve been a great audience ...

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Phil said...

woop! we're still here, now i can check out the heritage buildings at the weekend.