Friday, September 26, 2008

An Independent definition of Full Colour!

The full-colour Independent struggles to go full colour in Northern Ireland

The Independent - as published on its Northern Ireland presses - continues to fluctuate daily between full colour and partial colour/partial black and white.

  • Tuesday’s heralded launch of the Indy’s new full colour edition didn’t measure up to what was promised.
  • Wednesday saw all pages produced in colour (you can tell quite quickly by looking at the colour-coded bands that run across to the top of the pages to show which section you’re in).
  • Thursday's not so full colour Independent
  • Thursday dropped back to half and half, with image once again split across the middle line of the paper.
  • And today, they’ve managed to achieve a full colour edition again.

Perhaps they should remove the “New full colour edition” splash from the top of the front page until they can actually meet their promise to the customer. Certainly goes some way to breaking the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 in terms of “applying a false trade description to goods”.

Or is it covered under the Sale of Goods Act? No matter which, you’d be due a refund if you took your copy back to the newsagent and pointed out it wasn’t as described!

What will happen on Monday? Anyone’s guess. Though don’t be surprised if there’s a set of crayons given away with copies of the Indy in Northern Ireland!

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