Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Philip Johnston (changed to) MCW Residential (and back to) Philip Johnston

Philip Johnston estate agent logo (2008)

Over the weekend, the (now) familiar MCW Residential branding around East Belfast was switched back to Philip Johnston reflecting Johnston’s return to the estate agency business earlier this year.

MCW Residential logo

Back in April, the Newsletter got a great quote from Johnston about stray dogs and selling houses:

He said that while some estate agents, in particular younger agents, had “enjoyed the benefits of a rising market, and quite frankly during the boom period a stray dog could have sold properties, they have been singularly unimaginative when the going has got tough”.

Worth repeating, along with Miffy’s comment at the time:

It’s like an adult fairy story.

“The people didn’t like the goblin, so they sent him away and took his things. Winter came, and the people realised only the goblin had the gift of fire. They begged him to return, as they were freezing to death. The goblin came back, and they all lived happily ever after”.

... though they were still freezing due to the price of fuel!


Miffy said...

Glad my little fairytale made its mark! I noticed the other day how BIG the sign was in the hack. He is certainly making a statement - and good on him. Good luck to him too given the house prices.

John Self said...

What I don't understand is why they've given up their rental business when surely that's regular income which most estate agents would welcome during this 'difficult' time? My apartment rental was transferred to The Rental Company on Beersbridge Road.

Johnston must design his own logos - the new one is almost as bad as his old pre-MCW one. Still, at least it gives people fair warning of who's running the show now, so they can go elsewhere!

Alan in Belfast said...

I was under the impression that Philip Johnston owned The Rental Company (and is the "Principal" referred to in their website's Company Profile.