Sunday, September 21, 2008

A tale of a taxi driver and a Tyrone victory

Congratulations to Tyrone on their victory in this afternoon’s All Ireland final.

Down in Dublin a couple of weeks ago, the taxi driver who picked a group of us up at the station stopped his cab and, in jest, threatened to throw out one person in the back who had just declared their support for Tyrone in the upcoming semi-final.

Funny when the same taxi driver was sent my his firm to take us back to the station the next afternoon, complete with mock upset and calls back to the depot to complain that he’d been sent to drive Tyrone supporters around the city!

At least with a scoreline of ...

Kerry 0-14 1-15 Tyrone

... I’m confident of who won - without having to do any complicated cross-cultural multiplication! The things I didn’t get taught at school.


Sharon said...

I'm a Tyrone woman, but instead of heading home to watch the match with a horde of brothers and cousins, I was at a lovely but sedate wedding in Cambridge. I wish the events hadn't clashed, but I did give a small shout of glee when my sister texted me the final result during the reception dinner.

CW said...

An unfortunate conflict of interests Sharon! I watched the game in a pub in London with a mottley crew of Tyrone exiles, but would rather been in Dublin or Omagh.