Sunday, October 19, 2008

International Organ Day

Phil O'Kane's photo of the organ pipes in 1st Presbyterian Church, Belfast

Just thought I should share the news that today is International Organ Day ... part way through the International Year of the Organ!

Celebrating playing with two hands, two feet and all those buttons.

Travelling back and forward from Belfast to Lisburn, I used to catch the merriment on The Organist Entertains on Radio 2. But I hear less and less from the pedals and pipes these days.

Andrea Rea had more detail in a piece on Sunday Sequence this morning. (Available online until next Sunday.)

(Photo by Phil O'Kane via Flickr)

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Timothy Belmont said...

We used to go to the most civilized little soirees - concerts - during the eighties, called "Music In May". They featured an organ recital, perhaps at Hillsborough Parish Church followed by a reception at the Castle.
The ones at Ballywalter parish church with a reception afterwards at Ballywalter Park and hosted by that passionate supporter of all things "organic" (!), the 4th Lord Dunleath, was particulary enjoyable.
I'm sure they'll be a special recital at the grand Mulholland Organ of the Ulster Hall when it re-opens next year too.