Sunday, October 12, 2008

Micro Compact Homes ... downsizing to match the economic downturn?

Micro Compact Home - at night

I've long had a Google alert set for news about the cube houses that grew out of a student project set by Prof Richard Holden at the Technical University Munich.

Known as micro compact homes (m-ch) they're basically teeny weeny white cubes - 2.66m x 2.66m x 2.66m, with a ceiling height of 1.98m, and weighing 2.2 tonnes. With a timber frame shell and clad with anodised aluminium (which may or may not look like the new Mac laptops due to be announced on Tuesday evening) they are easy to heat and easy to cool. Everything within easy reach. Not designed for cat swinging, though house gymnastics would be a cinch.

A tight squeeze round the table in a Micro Compact Home - photo by evilcoffee

Despite their compact and bijou interior, the minimal space can support two "compact" double beds, storage space, a sliding table allowing five people to dine, a TV (flat screen!), a shower and a toilet, a kitchen (including double hob, sink, microwave, fridge, freezer and storage) and air hearing/conditioning. Solar panels an option. £26k + installation + extras.

Collage of the inside of a Micro Compact Home - photo by Ramuardo

Perfect for students - like the O2-sponsored village of seven pods at the Technical University Munich that house six students along with Richard Holden (who seems to have fallen in love with the design).

Might be a safe bet for a Grand Designs!

Could build a tree of Micro Compact Homes!

Last week's Telegraph ran an article detailing a selection of other micro-homes, including the Loft Cube - which looks as good on top of a building as standing at ground level!

(Dining scene by evilcoffee; Collage by Ramuardo.)

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Monado said...

Well, the original house was a hut big enough to lie down in. Then there was a trend to bigger and more weathertight, then having everything at home: move theatre, swimming pool, gym, office... Now perhaps we're getting back to basics.