Saturday, October 25, 2008

Turning Christmas (tree) on its head

If you ever wanted to turn Christmas on its head, B&Q are now selling the Christmas trees for you!

Upside down ones!

Ummm. £49.98 for the largest fibre-optic glowing one in the top right photo.

I'm not sure if these will ever take off - in fact, a member of staff admitted that some of the upside-down trees (below) were actually last year's stock.

Last year's stock of upside down Christmas trees

So if you're feeling a need to distance yourself and your household from normal convention, head across to B&Q and get a new perspective on your tree.

Mind you, not for me!

(Though I have played around with less conventional trees in the past.)


Phil said...

i'd like one of these, though they are a bit pricey.

Gary said...

It could be a good space-saving idea if you hung it from the ceiling? Plus, think of all the extra room underneath for presents!

Although I'm with Phil - it does seem quite pricey!

(Long time lurker, first time commenter)

Alan in Belfast said...

Gary - lurkers get a big welcome too!

The price picture - which I think I'll remove - relates to the black tree in the top right picture ... it has fibre optic branches etc.

The smaller trees, and the old stock in the lower picture might be a lot cheaper.

B&Q at Hollywood Exchange if you're desperate!

Timothy Belmont said...

Think I'll stick to our traditional, green one!


paul c said...

The message of turning the Christmas message on its head is healthy. It promotes some fresh thinking on the subject. What truths of the season has society distorted over the years?