Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bigger pack better value ... Sainsburys do it again

Sainsburys packs of chicken breasts - side by side

I don’t want to reopen another teabag thread of posts. But Sainsburys’ labelling does throw up a question or two.

The Saturday morning conundrum was whether to buy a pack of 3-5 chicken breasts or a bigger pack of 5-8 breasts. The two different sizes of pack were sitting next to each other on the shelves. Both were viable options for the week’s catering requirements.

small and cheap pack of chickenOverly expensive value pack of chicken

Of course, the mathematician in me reckoned that price per kg would be a way to make a decision. £7.98/kg versus £8.74/kg. Easy.

But what’s that up at the top of the larger packet?

bigger pack better value

Not in this case!

The “special purchase” (£7.98/kg) seems to override the “better value” (£8.74/kg) of the other pack. While it may not count as improper labelling, it is confusing and disingenuous. Unless you define “value” differently to me!


Ruth E said...

An easy way for Sainsburys to make extra cash cos not many people would pay attention

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience at my local Tesco. A pack of 12 Whiskas pouches was £3.60. On the next shelf, a single Whiskas pouch was 26p.

Anonymous said...

Some info that might help (I'm a Tesco manager!): in Tesco, there are prices per kg information on the shelf-edge label that may help customers decide on which is the best buy. Not sure if that info is available in JS or Asda. Also, when there seems to be a major disparity in pricing between sizes, more often than not, it's because one size of the product concerned is on promotion and the other isn't. This happens regularly.

Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to note when multipacks are more expensive than the single items.
Dairy Milk kids bars are 15p each in Sainsbury's but are £1.19 for 6 (used to be 98p a couple weeks ago) in a multipack. If anyone ever comes to my till with them I always get them changed.