Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PMS ... what it means to be in community

Presbyterian Mutual Society (PMS) logo

Cheryl Wonders posted an allegorical tale ("Best Interest") about the PMS story.

Update - And Crookedshore didn't mince his words when he asked "Weal human beings continue to be sacrificed on the altar of institutional survival?" And on Thursday he followed up with an open letter to the PCI Moderator, Clerk, PMS savers and ministers.

Update - BBC NI are featuring PMS's problems in tonight's edition of Spotlight at 22:35 after the News at Ten. (Should be available for replay on iPlayer soon.) Ahem - due to "a technical problem with uploading the programme on to the iPlayer", the soonest the programme will be available to watch online/download will be Thursday evening Friday. Update - it never made it online :(

Update - December - As a saver in the Presbyterian Mutual Society, GroovyJon has started a PMS / PCI blog to track what's happening.

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