Saturday, November 22, 2008


Badge - Alan

Mapgirl - the blogger behind NI Confidential - will have been tired this morning.

She hosted a Thanksgiving dinner last night in the impossible-to-spell but wonderful-to-frequent Errigle Inn. While only living in Northern Ireland since February, she's amassed an amazing number of friends, and many of them converged on the Ormeau Road last night.

Now there can be parties at which no one really knows anybody else, and everyone stands around in tight huddles talking to their partners and scared to hazard any more than a quick "hello" to the strangers around them. Well Friday night wasn't one of those evenings.

Badges were worn, people mixed, history, holidays (I'm now reading up on the history behind Easter Island) and hopes were shared, turkey was guzzled, enormous slices of apple pie were stuffed into mouths, and fun was bad by all. The time flew.

There was a high density of bloggers (occasional, as well as the more obsessive), and a scary (perhaps, embarrassing) number of people who appeared to read this blog. Hello!

Mapgirl - thanks for giving us such a wonderful and memorable evening! Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

But Thanksgiving is next week. November 27th.

Alan in Belfast said...

That's ok ... eat (and celebrate) early and often

Wondering said...

Yes, thanks Mapgirl! I had a really fun night. What lovely friends you have. A privilege to be included among them!

L said...

Thanks Alan - so glad you and Wondering were part of the evening. It wouldn't have been complete without you there.

Anon - we celebrated a week early in order to accommodate everyone's diaries the best we could.