Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Furry mic windshields can fit digital recorders too

Rycote Mini Windjammer windshield for Edirol digital recorder

Take a microphone outside in Belfast, and at nearly any time of year, a gust of wind will threaten to wreck the sound you're trying to record. So windshields are common place - either the big furry ones over shotgun mics, or the smaller foam ones over handheld mics.

But what about intrepid citizen journalists and podcasters with their handheld Edirol recorders?

Rycote has a range of Mini Windjammer windshields that fit a variety of digital recorders, including Edirol R09, Marantz PMD620, Nagra Ares M, Zoom H4, Olympus LS10/20/30, Sony PCM D50, Tascam DR1 and Zoom H2.


Red Mum said...

I believe the furry covers were invented by an Irish man, can't remember where I know that, just that I do. An ingenious and simple invention!

davy Sims said...

We used to call the big one "Dougal" (if you don't remember The Magic Roundabout, then that's meaningless). Wonder what we could call those ..... Sort of reminds me of (goodness, who is it???) I know Ken Dodd - it's a new media tickling stick. Oh er Missus, I'd be arrested going onto the street with that.