Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Shenley Nativity

Long time readers of AiB will realise that over the year’s I’ve enjoyed various Flashmob enterprises ... from one that was staged in Paddington Station many years ago, to the Manchester Passion (Good Friday 2006) and last Christmas’ Liverpool Nativity that told the familiar story using modern characters in very a familiar city setting.

Tim Norwood is an Anglican minister in Milton Keynes ... not sure if that makes him chaplain to the massive Amazon depot down the road!

The Shenley Nativity

Locally they took the idea of the Liverpool Nativity and gave it an MK twist ... and so the Shenley Nativity was born. Tim explains ...

Mike Geaney did an incredible job brining it all together. Paul Randall revealed some more of his technical genius. The cast were on good form, the homeless choir looked appropriately ragged but sang like angels, and the soup was just the ticket!

Highlights included: Joseph's dream sequence - projected on a screen above his head as he slept - Mary's song - from the steps of the church - the homeless choir outside the homeless shelter (the vestry) - the birth cry of the baby (from the shed) - the video link to Herod's Palace - and the star on top of the vestry roof!

A huge effort – but hopefully hugely meaningful for those involved and those watching. Some online hunting to be done to find if there’s any video footage from their creativity.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Bless you, it's only the morning after! The event was indeed filmed (as was one of the dress rehearsals) and we're going to try and edit a DVD of sorts together. Watch this E-space...
Christmas blessings
Mike Geaney

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Follow up post linking to the Youtube video from the Shenley Nativity.