Thursday, January 29, 2009

EDCO closing down

Another one bites the dust.

EDCO closing down sale in Belfast

Purveyor of exercise books, coloured paper, 11 plus papers, and in the olden days, BBC Micros and Cumana disc drives.

And very soon to be no more.

Call in to 47-49 Queen Street and pick up a bargain A5 notebook, an A2 sketch pad, or a selection of Ladybird storybooks at 50% off before it's too late!


Timothy Belmont said...

It goes back quite a long time; I saw EDCO in the 1974 street directory.
BTW, the first entry in the street directory for the Golden Crumb is 1948: "K H Murdock, bakery".


Coke_Shy_Hero said...

Disaster! Saw my first Amiga A1000 playing Axel F in here!

shirley said...

aw what? i LOVED edco as a kid and still like it a lot. do you know when it shuts?

Andy said...

I think it goes back a long time,to the Educational Company in Fountain Street,which at one time supplied text books and stationary to most of the schools. I had a summer job in it in the 50's,putting the book orders together.