Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Belfast Telegraph style guide updated with new spelling for Niorthern Ireland!

Niorthern Ireland - using the Belfast Telegraph spelling!

Quick ... could someone run around to the Belfast Telegraph and turn on their spell checker. While the occasional spullingz mistake slips into AiB, there’s a higher standard expected from regional and national newspapers. And a particular emphasis on spelling place names correctly.

Update 8.45am- the headline has just been fixed, but you can still see "niorthern" in the URL!

Capture of Belfast Telegraph online article using the strange spelling Niorthern Ireland in the headline


Virtual Methodist said...

Given that you are only travelling from Lisburn to Belfast and back I would only pick up poetry and short story anthologies if I were you. But, I too think its a great idea... Unfortunately they don't do it on the 4a Metrolink bus!

Virtual Methodist said...

Ooops... Posted in the wrong place... Ah well, if the Belfast Telegraph can get things wrong, anyone can(?)