Thursday, February 12, 2009

Belfast Twestival - for those flush with water and cash to help others who aren't

One in six people does not have access to safe, clean drinking water

By the time you've reached lunchtime today, how many times will you have relied on having clean and plentiful running water to hand?

Brushed your teeth? Flushed the loo? Hopped into the shower or bath? Boiled up for a cup of tea or coffee? Done the dishes? (or like me just left them piled up in the sink for later!) Are the clothes you put on this morning clean - maybe recently washed? Is the house warm - guess what the central heating system pumps through the pipes and radiators? Squirted the windscreen of your car to wash off the salty scum that leaps up off the roads?

Many of us just take water and sanitation for granted. Others don't have that luxury. One in six people don't have access to safe, clean drinking water.

Twestival logo

Techie enthusiasts and users of the Twitter social networking site are getting together across the world today for a series of events under the banner of Twestival to raise money for Charity: Water. All the events are being put together for free, and the volunteer organisers have been donating their blood, sweat and tears to get the events organised.

Tonight in Belfast from 8pm, you can pay £7 at the door (or purchase online in advance - ignore what it says about the venue being The Black Box) to get into Lavery’s Bunker and enjoy Belfast Twestival: an evening of DJs, a Rock Band tournament, raffles and prizes (McHughs meal voucher, Foy Vance CD, a replica Stratocaster, amongst others). The venue has been donated for free along with all door takings.

And if you can't make it down but want to support the cause, you could buy a T-Shirt or donate online.

Update - There's also a Dublin Twestival event tonight starting at 6pm in The Sycamore Club.

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