Friday, February 06, 2009

Good and bad customer service

Logo for Computing magazine

Email in from Computing magazine:

With the recent snowfall and icy conditions bringing much of the country to a halt we are pleased to send you the digital edition of Computing in case the delivery of your print copy has been disrupted. Click on the link below to access this week's Computing digital edition.

Thoughtful. Great proactive customer service. And the first indication that they'd switched me from being a digital-only free subscriber back to getting the printed copy ... which arrived through the door about the same time as the email!

Royal Mail logo

While Computing picked up a bouquet this week, the Royal Mail lost points. I called into out old house at lunchtime and discovered three letters that hadn't been redirected.

Three letters with names and addresses that matched what's on the redirection form, and match the kind of post that has been successfully redirected for the two weeks before and week after the post marks in the errant letters.

Why pay for a redirection service when you have to go back and check to see if you've any mail that they've overlooked redirecting?


Anonymous said...

I was told once by a friendly postman that the redirection service is laughed at by those in the know. He told me that slipping a few quid to your old Postman, if you had a regular, would be far more likely to get the results you wanted. In fact, I am still getting mail from an old address 7 yeasr after moving even though I never used the redirect service!

Shaune said...

Some of it depends on whether you want to have the mail redirected. Tell your friends where you're going and let the solicitors look for you in vain.