Thursday, March 26, 2009

bmi - 25 years flying between Belfast and Heathrow

(c) bmi - tailfin

Today, bmi celebrates 25 years of operating a route between Belfast and Heathrow.

Starting out at Belfast International, I remember well the period of overlap when they bizarrely - but conveniently - flew out of both Belfast International and Belfast City. Roughly at the point that BA pulled out of the route!

I’m sure there’s a story to explain why they made the (commercial) decision to keep a foot in both camps for those months.

And in the last eight years or so, they’ve just been flying out of Belfast City Airport, leaving bmibaby to hold the fort up at the big airport. Though when Cheryl and I flew off to Heathrow on honeymoon all those years ago, bad weather meant that we had to be bussed up to Aldergrove as the plane hadn’t been able to land at the harbour. The eventual take-off was quite a memorable experience - a story I’ll reserve for a real life encounter.

So happy birthday bmi. Maybe see you soon for some cheese and crackers.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are as enthusiastic about BMI as I am. Great memories and love the airline,
M Dundee